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世界佛教青年僧伽會(WBSY) 總會長
台灣功德山寺 住持
佛教功德山基金會 董事長
中華國際大悲咒水功德會 會長
美國功德山大悲水協會 會長
加拿大功德山寺 住持
香港功德山有限公司 理事長
功德山新加坡 住持
馬來西亞功德山功德會 會長
功德山 日本大悲咒水功德會 會長
功德山 印尼佛教中心 住持
澳洲 大悲咒水功德會 會長 
新西蘭 大悲咒水功德會 會長
聯合國華盟國際青少年教育理事會 亞太區 主席


Master Shi Kuan Ru :
Honorary Doctorate Degree in Buddhism
President of the World Buddhist Sangha Youth Council
48th Great Master of Linji School of Chan Buddhism
Abbot of Gondesan Temple of Taiwan
Chairman of Gondesan Buddhism Foundation
Chairman of Chunghwa’s International Great Merciful Water Association
President of Gondesan Great Merciful Water (U.S.A.) Association
Abbot of Gondesan Temple of Canada
President of Hong Kong Gong De San
Abbot of Gondesan Singapore
President of Pertubuhan Penganut Agama Buddha Gondesan Malaysia
President of the Japanese Gondesan Great Merciful Water Association
Abbot of Gondesan Buddhist Indonesia
President of the Australia and New Zealand Gondesan Great Merciful Water Association
President of the United Nations Chinese Union of the International Youth Education Council, Asia Pacific Headquarters.


       功德山寺住持 上寬下如法師,為功德山全球志業總導師,弘法足跡遍及英國、法國、德國、義大利、比利時、中國、香港、泰國、印尼、斯里蘭卡、日本、韓國、緬甸、臺灣,澳洲、紐西蘭等地區。

Master Kuan Ru, the Abbot of Gondesan Temple, the main instructor of all Gondesan branches throughout the world, has propagated Buddhism worldwide, including England, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. 



Propagating Buddhism around the world, promoting to all living beings to cultivate their Bodhicitta, practice the Path of Bodhisattvas, caring for all sentient beings with great compassion, purify humanity with the wisdom of Buddhism, sprinkle The Great Compassion Mantra Water everywhere.   



Master Kuan Ru has been continuously propagating and practicing world peace, international rescue, charitable relief, etc, and has been known as the ambassador of  World Peace. Master Kuan Ru, President of WBSY for the 12th consecutive year, Chairman of United Nations Chinese Unions International Youth Education Council Asia Pacific Region, has been highly praised worldwide. Master Kuan Ru was invited to Europe in August 2022, and awarded with the Sweden World Peace Award. 



Master Kuanru initiated the concept of “Modern Bodhisattvas”, integrating Buddhism into our daily life, saving innumerable sentients, Gondesan is also the temple with the greatest number of Dharma-Verse Relics in the world.

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