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  1. A great merciful and compassionate heart (大慈悲心): Compassionate towards all sentient beings.

  2. An impartial/ unbiased heart (平等心): Treat every sentient being with equality, whether rich or poor, man or woman.

  3. A content heart (無爲心): Do not fuss over the good or bad, right or wrong, and do not mind if no merits were gained from the things you have done.

  4. An unpolluted heart (無染著心): Have no attachment, distractions, delusions, desires nor evil thoughts.

  5. An emptied heart (空觀心): Regard everything as your imagination by emptying your heart, and understand that the nature of everything is nothing.

  6. A respectful heart (恭敬心): Treat all sentient beings with sincerity and respect.

  7. A humble heart (卑下心): Treat yourself as a student and all sentient beings as teachers whom you can learn from.

  8. A peaceful and pure heart (無雜亂心): The heart is pure and is able to let go of all thoughts that create disturbance within the inner heart.

  9. A non-judgemental heart (無見取心): Normally, while listening to other’s criticism towards us, we will see it as others picking on us, and not see the good in the criticism. We must learn to not create worries and agonies within us, and learn to see things as non-existent and face everything, naturally extinguishing all worries and agonies.

  10. The uppermost Bodhi heart (無上菩提心): The Bodhi heart; the will to attain Buddhahood and the will to save all sentient beings including oneself. Everyone should awaken their own Bodhi Heart like Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

* 以上出自《千手千眼觀世音菩薩廣大圓滿無礙大悲心陀羅尼經》

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