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If one is tired of the sufferings of the world and seeks for longevity happiness, he should settle down in a peaceful and hygienic place and form a pure secure boundary, recite this Dharani for 108 times and dedicate it to his clothing, water, food, fragrances and/or medicine  before using them, then he will certainly live a long life. If he can form a secure boundary, accept and hold the Dharani in accordance with the Dharma, then everything will be achievable.


The method of forming a secure boundary: 結界法:

Take some clean water and recite the Dharani for 21 times then dedicate the merits to the water. Thereafter sprinkle the water around as the boundary.


The Ten Features of 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Reasons Why Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Spoke about 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Practice of  《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Merits of Reciting & Upholding《The Great Compassion Mantra》


Wonders of Reciting 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


Recite & Upold 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 to Make a Secure Boundary in accordance with the Dharma


The Merits are Endless for   those who chant the mantra


How to Eradicate Catastrophes and Cure Sickness with 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


* 以上出自《千手千眼觀世音菩薩廣大圓滿無礙大悲心陀羅尼經》

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