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When there are catastrophes in a country, if the king of the country can manage state affairs according to the Dharma, be liberal towards people and animals, not to do anybody an injustice, absolve people from blames, and for 7 days and 7 nights continuously, keep both his body and his mind sincere and diligent, and in this way recite and hold 《The Great Compassionate Heart Dharani》, then all the catastrophes of his country will disappear, the five kinds of crops will be abundant and his people will live in peace and happiness.


If anyone in a family falls ill severely, or encounters all kind of strange incidents, or if ghosts, spirits, and demons deplete and demolish the family; or if some villains malign the family and plot to harm them; or if the members of the family are disharmonious, they should set up a Mandala (altar) in front of a statue of Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, recite the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with their deep-felt sincere heart, and then recite this Dharani fully for 1,000 times, then all those misfortunes will disappear, the family will be peaceful forever.



Ananda asked the Buddha: “Bhagavan, what is the name of this Mantra? How should we accept and hold it?” 阿難白佛言:世尊!此咒名何?云何受持?

The Buddha told Ananda: “This holy Mantra has many names:


  • one of them is Vast, Great, Perfect; 一名廣大圓滿;

  • another is Unimpeded Great Compassion; 一名無礙大悲;

  • another is Relieving Sufferings Dharani; 一名救苦陀羅尼;

  • another is Lengthening Life Dharani; 一名延壽陀羅尼;

  • another is Extinguishing Evil Destinies Dharani; 一名滅惡趣陀羅尼;

  • another is Breaking Evil Karma Hindrances Dharani; 一名破惡業障陀羅尼;

  • another is Wish-Fulfilling Dharani; 一名滿願陀羅尼;

  • another is The Dharani Of The Freedom In Accord With The Heart; 一名隨心自在陀羅尼;

  • another is Quickly Exceeding The Upper Stages Dharani, 一名速超上地陀羅尼,

thus should you accept and hold it. 如是受持。


Then Ananda asked the Buddha: “Bhagavan, what is the name of this Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, who is so good to teach us this Dharani?


The Buddha said: “Virtuous man, this Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has unimaginable mighty and holy powers. Countless kalpas ago, he has already attained Buddhahood and was named the “True Dharma Brightness Tathagata”. Because of the power of his great compassionate vows, and in order to call upon all Bodhisattvas to comfort and please all living beings, he appears as a Bodhisattva. All of you, including the Bodhisattvas, Brahmas, Gods of the 33 heavens, dragons, and divinities, should show respect to him, do not despise him. All heavenly and human beings should constantly make offerings to him and recite his name absorbedly, then they will get infinite blessings and eliminate countless sins, and at the end of their lives, they will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha."



The Ten Features of 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Reasons Why Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Spoke about 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Practice of  《The Great Compassion Mantra》


The Merits of Reciting & Upholding《The Great Compassion Mantra》


Wonders of Reciting 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


Recite & Upold 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 to Make a Secure Boundary in accordance with the Dharma


The Merits are Endless for   those who chant the mantra


How to Eradicate Catastrophes and Cure Sickness with 《The Great Compassion Mantra》


* 以上出自《千手千眼觀世音菩薩廣大圓滿無礙大悲心陀羅尼經》

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