One who recites and holds this Mantra will be able to understand all exterior-paths' theories and sorceries, as well as the Veda Scriptures. They will be able to understand and keep in mind all Buddhist scriptures in the world from the past and present and practise accordingly to it.


One who recites 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 can be cured of the world’s eighty four thousand kind of diseases with no exceptions. He can also command all ghosts and gods, vanquish heavenly demons, and tame all exterior-paths’ practitioners.


If one is reading the Sutras and/or practising Dhyana in the mountains and/or wilderness, and mountain-spirits, various ghosts, demons, monsters or Devas come to disturb and he is unable to concentrate, by reciting this Mantra once, the ghosts and spirits will be bounded.


If one can recite this Mantra in accordance with Dharma and arouse merciful and compassionate heart towards all sentient beings, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva will then command all virtuous gods, dragon kings, and Vajra Secret-Traces Divinities to always follow and guard him, never leaving his side, guarding him as their own eyes and lives. Those virtuous gods, dragon-kings and goddess, each along with 500 of their respective relatives and great-strength Yaksas, will always follow and guard the Mantra-holders.


If the Mantra-holder dwells and sleeps alone in an uninhabited mountain or wilderness, those virtuous gods will guard him by turns to eliminate misfortunes.



If the Mantra-holder loses his way deep in the mountain, the virtuous gods and dragon-kings will transform themselves into virtuous people and show the Mantra-holder the correct way. 


Due to the dragon king’s protection and assistance, when one who recites 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 is in need of water or fire whilst in the mountains or wilderness, it will be provided. 


As stated by Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, “Recite this Mantra  for 5 times and use threads of 5 colours then recite the this Mantra for 21 times, tie 21 knots, then wear it on the neck. This Mantra has been spoken in the past by countless Buddhas who are equivalent to the sand in 9.9 billion Ganges-rivers. These Buddhas spoke of this Mantra for the practitioners who practise the six Perfection (Paramita) but have yet to fulfill it to allow them to succeed quickly; arise the Bodhi-Heart of those who have yet to arise it quickly; achieve fruitions of Sravakas who have yet to achieve it quickly; arise the Bodhi-Heart of all gods and supernatural persons in the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds who have yet to arouse the unsurpassed Bodhi-Heart quickly; For all living beings who have yet to gain the root of faith in Mahayana, with the mighty holy power of this Mantra, their seeds of Mahayana and Dharma-buds will grow quickly; with the power of my expedients, mercy and compassion, all of their needs will be supplied.


When the sentient beings of the three evil paths who live in the dark and gloomy regions of the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds hear of this Mantra, they will all be free from sufferings.


To allow Bodhisattvas who have yet to attain the first Bhumi to attain it quickly and to allow them to rise up to the tenth Bhumi, and even up to attain the Buddhahood and accomplish the thirty-two major characteristics and the eighty supplementary minor characteristics of Buddha naturally.


If a Sravaka who hears 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 practises and writes this Mantra with an upright heart in accordance with the Dharma, then he will naturally attain the forth stage  of Arhatship even if he does not seek for the Arhatship. If any sentient being arouse its unsurpassed Bodhi-Heart, it can make all the mountains, rivers, cliffs, and four major oceans in the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds rise and boil; it can make the Sumeru mountains and Cakravada-parvata mountains shake and be grinded to dust.



Any sentient being who has any wishes in his present life should keep the Abstinent-precepts and recite this Mantra for 21 days, then his wishes will certainly be fulfilled. From the verge of the previous birth-and-death to the verge of the next) birth-and-death, all of his sins will be eliminated. In the three-thousand-great-thousand worlds, all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Brahmas, Sakra Devanam-Indra (heavenly lord), the four guardian gods, divinities, immortals, and dragon-kings, will bear witness.



If a human or a celestial (heavenly) being who recites and holds this Dharani baths in a river or a sea, any sentient beings which come into contact with his bathing water will have all their weighty sins cleansed and be reborn in pure-lands of other directions. They will be born through miraculous creation from lotuses, and will not undergo birth from wombs, moistures, or eggs, let alone for those who recite and hold this Mantra themselves. If the Mantra-holder is walking whilst the wind blows through his hair and clothes, then any sentient beings which are blown by the wind that previously touched the Mantra-holder will have all their heavy obstructions and evil karmas cleansed and they will not continue to suffer from karmas of the three evil paths, and would often be born before the Buddhas. It should be known that the Mantra-holder's blessings, virtues, and merits are incredible.




When one recites and holds on to this Mantra, regardless of whether his utterance is good or bad, his utterance shall become pure Dharma sound to all celestial (heavenly) beings, demons, exterior-paths practitioners, dragons, ghosts, and spirits when they hear it and they will respect the Mantra-holder as a Buddha.  




As to one who recites and upholds this Dharani, we should know that he is a store of Buddha-bodies because he is cherished by countless Buddhas, for as many as the sand in 9.9 billions Ganges-river;


We should know that he is a brilliant light store, because he is illuminated by the light of all Tathagata;  當知其人是光明藏,一切如來光明照故;


We should know that he is a store of mercies and compassions, because he constantly saves living beings with this Dharani;  當知其人是慈悲藏,恆以陀羅尼救眾生故;


We should know that he is a wonderful-Dharma store, because this Dharani includes all Dharani-Gates;  當知其人是妙法藏,普攝一切陀羅尼門故;


We should know that he is a store of Dhyana and Samadhi, because hundreds of thousands of Samadhis often appear in front of him;  



We should know that he is an Empty Spaces store, because he constantly observes sentient beings with wisdom of emptiness;  當知其人是虛空藏,常以空慧觀眾生故;

We should know that he is a store of intrepidities, because he is constantly guarded by dragons, gods, and virtuous gods;  當知其人是無畏藏,龍、天、善神常護持故;


We should know that he is a Wonderful Language store, because the Dharani-Sound come from his mouth is uninterrupted;  當知其人是妙語藏,口中陀羅尼音無斷絕故;


We should know that he is an Eternally-Abiding store, because the three-disasters and evil-kalpas cannot harm him;  當知其人是常住藏,三災惡劫不能壞故;


We should know that he is a Liberation store, because heavenly demons and exterior-paths practitioners cannot detain him;  當知其人是解脫藏,天魔、外道不能羈留故;


We should know that he is a Medicine-King store, because he constantly heals living beings with this Dharani;  當知其人是藥王藏,常以陀羅尼療眾生病故;


We should know that he is a supernatural power store, because he can freely travel around the Buddha-Worlds.  當知其人是神通藏,遊諸佛國得自在故;

The glorifications for the merits and virtues of the Mantra-holder are endless.



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