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By listening merely to the name of this Dharani, such sentient being’s weighty sins of births and deaths of countless kalpas will be eliminated, let alone those who recite and hold this Mantra themselves. For anyone who knows and recites this holy Mantra, we should know that he has already offered and sustained innumerable Buddhas and has widely planted his virtuous roots.




If one can recite and hold the Dharani in accordance with the Dharma to relieve all sentient beings from sufferings, we should know that he is the one with the great compassionate heart, and will become a Buddha soon. If he recites the Dharani for all living beings that he sees, make them hear the Dharani and make it become a cause of their achievement of Bodhi, then, his glorifications for merits and virtues are countless and endless and cannot be praised completely.




If one can, with pure sincerity, apply his heart to keep the Abstinent-precepts, repent the previous sins on behalf of all living beings and also repent his own various sins accumulated from the countless past kalpas, keep reciting this Dharani and never allow the sound of recitation to be interrupted, then he will achieve the four Sramana-fruits in his present life; if he has excellent talent for Dharma (literally: sharp root) and masters the skilful means of Wisdom-Observing, then achieving the fruits of ten Bhumis is not difficult for him, not to mention those small worldly blessings, virtues and merits. All his wishes will be fulfilled.


* 以上出自《千手千眼觀世音菩薩廣大圓滿無礙大悲心陀羅尼經》

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