Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (觀世音菩薩) said to the Buddha: "Human beings and celestial beings who recite and uphold 《the Great Compassionate Heart Dharani》 will obtain fifteen kinds of good birth and will not suffer fifteen kinds of bad death." The bad deaths are:  觀世音菩薩復白佛言:「若諸人天誦持大悲心咒者,得十五種善生,不受十五種惡死。」其惡死者如下:

  1.   They will not die of starvation or poverty. 不令其飢餓困苦死

  2.   They will not die by imprisonment, canings or beatings. 不為枷禁杖楚死

  3.   They will not die in the hands of vengeance from hostile enemies. 不為怨家讎對死

  4.   They will not be killed in battles. 不為軍陣相殺死

  5.   They will not be killed by ferocious beasts like wolves and etc. 不為豺狼惡獸殘害死

  6.   They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions.             不為毒蛇蚖蠍所中死

  7.   They will not die by drowning or be burned to death. 不為水火焚漂死

  8.   They will not be poisoned to death. 不為毒藥所中死

  9.   They will not die by the poisons of poisonous insects bred through sorcery.


10.   They will not die of madness or insanity. 不為狂亂失念死

11.   They will not be killed by fallen trees or landslides. 不為山樹崖岸墜落死

12.   They will not die of curses sent by evil people. 不為惡人厭魅死

13.   They will not be killed by demonic spirits or evil ghosts. 不為邪神惡鬼得便死

14.   They will not die from evil illnesses that bind the body. 不為惡病纏身死

15.   They will not commit suicide. 不為非分自害死

Those who recite and hold 《the Great Compassion Holy Mantra》will not suffer any of these fifteen kinds of bad death.

Those who recite and uphold 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 shall attain fifteen kinds of good birth:


  1.   They will always be born in the land of a good ruler. 所生之處常逢善王

  2.   They will always be born in a good country. 常生善國

  3.   They will always be born in good times and whatever things they do will be done      

        with perfect timings. 常值好時

  4.   They will always meet virtuous friends. 常逢善友

  5.   They will always be born with complete four limbs and the five senses. 身根常得具足

  6.   Their Bodhi hearts will be pure and mature. 道心純熟

  7.   They will not violate the prohibitive precepts. 不犯禁戒

  8.   They will always have a harmonious and caring family and relatives. 


  9.   They will always have their necessities in abundance. 資具財食常得豐足

10.   They will always obtain the respect and help of others. 恒得他人恭敬扶接

11.   Their possessions will never be taken away. 所有財寶無他劫奪

12.   They will obtain everything they seek for. 意欲所求皆悉稱遂

13.   They will always have protections from celestial beings, dragons, and good spirits. 


14.   They will be born in a place where they will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma. 


15.   They will be enlightened with the profound meaning of true Dharma which they                  hear. 所聞正法悟甚深義


* Those who recite and hold the 《Great Compassionate Heart Dharani》 will obtain these fifteen kinds of good birth. All human beings and sentient beings should constantly recite it without slack. 


All Buddha of the ten directions will come to receive the Mantra-holders at the time of death. 臨命終時十方諸佛皆來授手


Will be able to be reborn in whichever Buddha Pure Land according to their wishes.


Will not fall into the three evil paths. 不墮三惡道


Will be able to be reborn in any Buddha Land. 能生諸佛國


Will be able to obtain unlimited Samadhi eloquence. 得無量三昧辯才

With the exception of those who are not virtuous and insincere, should any sentient beings who recites and upholds the 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 not obtain whatever he seeks for in his present life, then it cannot be called 《The Great Compassion Heart Dharani》.


If a female who recites and holds 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 dislikes her female body and wish to be a man, but cannot be reborn as a male, I vow to never achieve the true enlightenment. However, if even the slightest doubt arises, her wish would not be fulfilled. 


If anyone usurps the drinks, foods, and/or possessions of Sanghas (group of monks), even if one thousand Buddhas appear in the world, he will not get to repent and reform. Even if he repents, his sins will not be eliminated. But now, by reciting 《The Great Compassion Mantra》, his sins could be eliminated.


(1)   If anyone usurps the drinks, foods, and/or possessions of Sanghas, he must repent to teachers of the ten directions to eliminate his sins.


(2)   When he recites 《The Great Compassion Mantra》, the teachers of the ten directions will come to bear witness, and then all his weighty sins and hindrances will be eliminated. All evil karma and weighty sins such as the ten evil deeds, the five rebellious sins, slandering people and the Dharma, breaking the Abstinent-precepts (破齋), breaking other precepts (破戒), destroying stupas (holy towers 破塔), wrecking temples, stealing properties of Sanghas, and profaning Brahma (pure) practices, can be completely eliminated.


(3)   The small sins and karmas of those who have doubts about the Mantra will not be eliminated, not to mention the weighty sins. Even though the weighty sins do not disappear immediately, the recitation of 《The Great Compassion Mantra》 can still be the cause of Bodhi in the future.


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